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Nice Comment from a patient having Nipple-Sparing mastectomy

Friday, August 13th, 2010, 8:47 am

First, I would like to extend my very deepest thanks and appreciation to my brother, Steve for the marvelous surprise visit while in the hospital yesterday. I would also like to thank all my wonderful FORCE sisters for the many uplifting phone calls and well wishes too. Just a minor correction, my surgery was on Tuesday, not Monday, and I’m now 48 hours post op. I feel well, but exhausted, despite difficulties with the initial pain management and some expected bruising. I have inframammary incisions and both nipples are remarkably pink. For those who know my story, I had some concerns with nipple viability, given my history of complications in the past. However, it was my full trust with my BS’s confidence/technique/expertise that allowed me to pursue nipple sparing risk reducing surgery. My amazing surgeons, Richard Shapiro and Nolan Karp, of NYU have been performing NSM for over a year now with fabulous outcomes. Together they have formed an incredibly skilled partnership. The pre/post op nursing care was outstanding as well. I am taking both Percocet and Valium [for muscle spasms and highly recommended] around the clock. My boobs [and they're certainly not "foobs" to me] seem very real. Honestly, I feel like I have lost nothing but my risks, but have new stuffing now!!! My relief was felt immediately in the recovery room when both of my surgeons came to my bedside told me to look down at my chest and see for myself…the feeling and emotions were truly beyond words of expression.

Lastly, I wish to offer some inspiring and positive thoughts to all my high risk sisters, especially to those who are un-informative BRCA negative,,,,know your strengths and weaknesses and allow all of them to provide you with the empowerment needed to make a fully informed decision. Take your time since there are no real limits and you will have no regrets….for myself this agonizing process took almost 5 years. Seek many opinions and know ALL your options. The decision making process is extremely painful and ever so agonizing, but you and only you can decide when/what is best for you. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you different. Believe in yourself, do your homework & you will find the strength and determination to make a fully informed decision, whether it be surveillance or preventative surgery, both are viable and highly personal choices. Again, my thanks to all for helping me “reach the other side” where I finally belong and feel “home free” for the first time than I can ever remember….the feeling is simply awesome!!

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